Financial record keeping & Audit preparation

by | May 18, 2020

Whether day to day business operations have slowed down or increased due to the impact of Covid19, there has never been a better time to get your company financial records in order.

Whilst senior management teams are busy working on their Covid19 Business Sustainability Plan, finance and operations teams should use this time wisely and do the tasks that usually ‘get done last.’

Statututory accounts filing and audits will still be taking place as usual and so Finance teams need to make sure they are fully prepared, to ensure the audits are done on time with minimal, if any, audit fee overruns. An inefficient audit can be very costly and time consuming for all involved.

Now is the time to get your financial housekeeping done and get ahead of the game.

Here at VFDS we have ‘Big 4’ trained staff – we can lead audits from the client side. We know what is expected for an external audit and from a financial process point of view we know what ‘looks good.’

Contact us today if you need any help with your financial reporting or statutory audit preparation.

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